The Future of Property Investing

Is Here....

A Crypto token that’s backed by real world property assets

The Next-Generation Digital

Currency Token

The Property Investment Coin


The property Investment Coin was introduced to the market by a property investor and crypto expert. The aim was to design a token that worked against inflation by using the tokenomics of the buy back and burn system which decreases the supply of the token over time making it scarcer so in turn making it more valuable every day.

But also the expert property acquisition team are out purchasing high returning real world property assets which starts off in the serviced accommodation area and then growing and expanding in to all property development areas, all the time the rental profits will be being fed back into the token buying and burning more which in turn will increase rewards to investors.

The Property Investment Coin

Why buy PIC?

This is the future of property investing, accumulating wealth could not be easier. All an investor has to do is purchase the coin with as much or as little as they like and hold that coin in their wallet to start receiving rewards, it really is that simple. There is no lock up period the investor is free to buy and sell the coin whenever they like.

Rewards are paid in $BUSD which is a stable coin that is pegged 1-2-1 to the US dollar so it stays level with the dollar price

All the hard work goes on in the background, as the project grows so do the property developments which means so do the rewards as the income from the property assets are constantly fed back into the coin itself so in a downtrending crypto market this coin will keep on growing.

Buy Back & Burn

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The Property Investment Coin has changed the investing world forever.
It was designed by investors for investors

The Property Investment Coin


The Property Investment Coin is the next evolution of investment into cryptocurrency by combining it with real world assets it’s not just a win-win it’s a win-win-win.

In percent of every transaction

The Property Investment Coin like others in the decentralised finance crypto space has a transaction tax of 14% below is how that percentage is shared out and the infographic shows the coins journey once purchased.

0 %
Redistributed to all $PIC holders in $BUSD stable coin
0 %
Transferred into liquidity pool on pancake swap to create a stable floor price
0 %
Used for the property investment and returns create the buy back and burns
0 %
Used for marketing and maintenance of property

The Property Investment Coin

$PIC Features

$BUSD Reflections

Liquidity Pool


Anti-Whale Mechanism

The Dashboard and The Buy Page

Here holders can monitor their rewards in real time, rewards are rewarded every 60 seconds so you see that you are making money literally every minute of the day The buy feature on the site keeps everything in one place for a better user experience for you.


We have active communities from over 10,000 $PIC investors across Discord, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

(You’ll find the founder and the developer in the Discord server everyday)

Admins & Moderators are on-hand to provide 24/7 support.